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B-girls: portraits of women in hip hop
Bonita Lovett is a member of the Rock Steady Crew, a crew that was established in 1977 in New York City. Bonita is photographed underneath a bridge near downtown Los Angeles and is performing an element of breaking called footwork or downrock.
God, Breaks, and Community: A Feature of Bgirl Bonita.
You’ve seen her, we know you’ve seen her. She represents 24/7, 365 and stands as a “steady” example representing as one of the leading ladies in Hip Hop culture. Rocking a fresh style in dance, fashion, and her poetic sense of life, Bonita Lovett aka Bgirl Bonita illustrates a humble beast in life and through her dance.
    Culture Fresh, the official Sponsor of Bgirl Bonita, opened up its doors in October of 2008 as a street wear boutique in downtown AZ that showcases the roots and talents of their city.
Bgirl Bonita featured on CultureFreshLife.com
Rock Steady Crew 35th anniversary and interview with Bgirl Bonita which was featured on CNN.
Bonita's interview with legendary writer, East, on Fatlace.com.
Bonita on fitmentality.com with her good friend and creator of Fit Mentality, Issac Escoto. Healthy living!!
Bonita's interview with, Paulskee, of Mighty 4, featured on thebboyspot.com.


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