RSC Rock Steady Crew  RSC

The Rock Steady Crew was established in 1977 by Bronx bboys, Jimmy D and Jimmy Lee. In 1981, Crazy Legs became the president, recruiting bboys from all over New York City. These new recruits, eventually became the motivating forces behind breaking gaining back its popularity in the streets of New York City. Not only did Rock Steady make the front page of the Village Voice for the famous "Lincoln Center" battle against rival crew, Dynamic Rockers, it was also covered by The New York Times and National Geographic Magazine. This historical moment was the start of America seeing Breaking on the front pages of newspapers, magazines and televisions.

In November of 1982, they were a part of the first tour to present the primary elements of Hip Hop culture, along side the “Godfather of Hip Hop”, Afrika Bambataa. Their popularity skyrocketed which led to features in the movies Flashdance, Beat Street and the documentary Style Wars. Rock Steady Crew performed on the Jerry Lewis Telethon and the Queen of England, for The Royal Variety Command Performance. During this time, the Rock Steady Crew were signed to Virgin Records and released the album “Ready For Battle” which featured songs like “Hey You” and “Up Rock”. Their music sold over a million copies.

When Breakin' was considered 'dead', the Rock Steady Crew was the primary force in its revival. Other creations that RSC was instrumental in forming are: Ghettoriginal Productions Inc which created the first dance musical ever to go to Off Broadway, a worldwide theatre tour and the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary in NYC, which helped to motivate and jump start the underground bboy / girl scene back to life. Rock Steady was back in the forefront of the scene again and has been there ever since. From it's original generation of members, the crew has grown to encompass all aspects of Hip-Hop, from Dj's to Emcee's, from Writers to Bboys & Bgirls, that are representing on worldwide platforms. More recently, they received a VH1 Hip-Hop honors award, performed on ABC's, Dancing With The Stars, and also had CNN coverage of the RSC 35th anniversary.

Individually, RSC's members have covered all grounds of the industry from releasing solo albums, DVD's and publications, to starring in their own music videos as well as being featured in a number of films and commercials. RSC continues to hold their yearly anniversary in NY, every July, where the biggest names in Hip-Hop unite to celebrate and honor Rock Steady's contribution to the scene. With the legacy holding strong, and years of history and tradition to uphold, Rock Steady continues to battle, perform, educate and inspire a whole new generation of Hip-Hop heads.

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